Winter Tire Facts

Winter Tire Facts 2023/2024

Benefits of Winter Tires

Yokohama IceGuard Tire Information

Iceguard IG53 benefits. Handling - 3D triple sipes enhance stability for optimal winter performance.

Iceguard IG53 benefits. Long tread life. New absorptive tread compound - removes water film from the ice surface with its cavity shape and delivers micro-edge effects on the ice surface.

Iceguard IG53 benefits. Fuel efficiency. Low-heat generating under-tread compound - increases stiffness and contributes to lowering rolling resistance.

Iceguard IG53 benefits. Winter traction. Directional tread design - new directional tread pattern delivers greater traction and stability on surface with snow and ice.

Iceguard GO75 benefits. Handling. 3D triple sipes enhance stability for optimal winter performance.

Iceguard GO75 benefits. Long tread life. High-density compound improves overall road contact resulting in longer, more even wear.

Iceguard GO75 benefits. Fuel efficient. Low-heat generating under-tread compound - consists of two layers of rubber that contribute to lowering overall rolling resistance due to increased stiffness.

Yokohama BluEarth Tire Information

BlueEarth tire features & benefits - excellent winter traction

BlueEarth tire features & benefits - competitive wet traction

BlueEarth tire features & benefits - leading handling

BlueEarth tire features & benefits - fuel efficient

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